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Pocket Guide for Excel

Pocket Guide for Excel 4.0 for Macintosh

This guide was created for Cadre, my computer skills training start-up that delivered one-on-one, in-office training to executives and key individuals.  Design innovations enabled the recipients to achieve core competency in one or two hours at their desk by applying skills to actual tasks rather than spending days in a classroom with generic training content.

  • Shirt-pocket-sized primer that teaches core skills plus easily learned productivity tips.
  • Visual table of contents on the first pages.
  • Index on the last pages.
  • Each two-page spread has a single page number at the top-right.
  • Core concepts on the left side, additional techniques and suggestions on the right side.
  • The booklet taught Mouse Speak, at the time a very new concept to most beginners (page iv).
  • The mouse has italic voice that explains what do to:  "Click, click"

Each booklet was complemented with custom-design templates and step-by-step task lists for the training recipient's personal work environment.